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rally or locally as the violence of the symptoms ilaay re

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also of distinct benefit. What patients dreaded most

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the proctoscope study the case and by X ray giving the barium meal.

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The autopsy showed a considerable amount of clear fluid in each pleural

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observed numerous red as well as white cells leave the vessels.

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very remarkable perhaps scarcely appreciable in the erect position

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may be employed in psoriasis of the scalp if the disease

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StK In response to suggestions from many quarters that I

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rough abraded surfaces they do not have the appearance of

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Plaster Bandages and Bandage Machines Articles for Antiseptic Surerery Aspirators Clinical Ther

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place and the thick liquid becomes charged with carbonic

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malarial is shown by the fact that the condition. is periodic each attack

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Prevention of Sepsis. This is to be accomplished by a the

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the Bureau until published and ready for distribution.

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took the lives of their fellow beings it became necessary for some

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ments and general apathy. By frequent recurrence of the hemorrhages there

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can do no better than repeat the story as nearly as possible

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that it was the same disease as the epidemic of the present

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bicdincs reduced the center of the field is comparatively

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assistance to parturient women and to treat diseases

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tion and with his attendance upon the biennial session of the commis

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I asked him what risk we ran in Canada by allowing the

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at the same time. However we believe this secondary procedure

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of some such scheme becoming law within the next year I

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extern department there had been ear cases. throat eases

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one. The dog was about a year old and had been my patient

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cases the left in cases. Death occurred in cases recovery

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county among immigrants one of which is in the last

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eases of the skin milk syphilitic material semen and

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These authors lay some stress on diminution of expansion of one

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good health. About seven years ago the patient suffered

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able bowels constipated. The hepatic and splenic dulness were nor

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most practical of all and see in what it consists. The

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education and education in general seems to us threatened in three

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ling at three or four times that is very good in a pint

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