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tended with unpleasant sensations in the head and some

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soon assumes the character of sinking. This state of

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and was participated in by Drs. Beverley Robinson D.

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per cent. died. In cases in which it was definitely stated

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the term Schaefer has been followed by the American text book of

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amiss to record some of the striking characteristics of a few of

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The basis of treatment of theinism is abstention in some cases and

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every day for a week or two if there is partial or complete

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always productive of harm. Under this view the judici

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The careful housewife will do well always to have a

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testine through the abdominal wall suturing of the gut

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is possible to completely disinfect the catgut. We have sent

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and the underlying tissues sufficiently deep and long to

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work. Sterile gowns and gloves are w r orn but I do not

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the imitating article is identical in all respects with the registered ment.

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highly formed algae are eomposed of interlaced filaments Trichomata simple or ramified

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May th I ordered grains of chloral and grains of bromide

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highly satisfactory as settling definitely the first question in the

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Most English writers follow Cullen in the use of these names but the

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much inflamed and congested. In attempting to lift it out I found

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rent does not seem to have any beneficial influence. In optic

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It is urged that those who will attend will write for accommodations

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the arm hot bathing to the perineum lavements eighteen or

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of sixteen bottles and as we have no special name for this

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of interest to note not minutely but in a general way only

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micturition. No blood was present in the urine but occasion ally a

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increase in numbers until the effusion presents a milky aspect when it

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therefore to pack these latter sardines in boxes with French

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at the Harvard Club and after dinner talks on the pediatri

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ular anions are restored. This irtplies that in the absence of a transportable

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The Veterinary Journal however in its August issue had

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decalcified bone chips yield much better results. I believe that these

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and which causes an increase in osmotic pressure with a consequent

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diseases corrtinue to be rare for instance there were

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in this manner will show numerous polynuclear leucocytes and the

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reductions in heart rate and systemic binnd pressure at submaximal

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difficult to prevent outbreaks of contagious diseases due to con

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da einerseits die in proximodistaler Richtung langgezogene Form der

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its stages to the same extent as in ancient times yet

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