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censure us for such a condition of affairs. There must be a cause.

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in pure culture once sta hylococcus pyogenes was associ

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Most commonly the trusted advisor will be a physician friend.

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tude of explanation he reduces the mortality to about one in

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Knowing the tenderness of throat this patient had did not wish

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stantly in mourning and above all men who have large

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to our of appliances in the asphyxia of children

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theater is near the dressing tent. All are electrically lighted. The

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North West Territories H. M. Lyman Qu Appelle British

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these absorbents sometimes cease to act. Should they remain

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The present epidemic of small pox in England seems to carry

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symptoms without gall stones I want to report a case that

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A few complained of weakness headache and leg pains from time

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cases of diphtheria four adults eight children all of which ended satisfactorily.

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such preparation contains half as much again in a teaspoonful as the

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fever caused by excessive fat or protein feeding. In

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account of which it is administered far too freely and with

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Board of Education or hy the Local Government Board.

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tempt of familiarity. A tincture of tea is not a desirable

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as did the influenza and pneumonia cases. There was

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man constitution and that all means used should have a direct tendency

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under the ribs. Colicky pains dyspnoea belching of gas retching

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structural elements of the nervous system which have a

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he convalesced withoat farther treatment except a dose of

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placed in the isolated hospital and all commanding officers were instructed to notify

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provided the virus for both. The fact that both infants were bottle

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of the last century. We may be permitted to say a word of

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