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be the ambition of every young doctor to have in his siderata of

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deep and cannot be easily exposed to view. The neck

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an internal and an external surface. The latter of these is

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The sjnnptoms have great similarity with those of chronie

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they found the fractured limb only five eighths of an inch shorter

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in connection with it is the fact that the water in the well

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time wbidi may be measured by weeks or months and are usually

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trouble years later. TonsilUtis was formerly considered a

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duct and pulmonary artery. Gohn has described foci in the lungs

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dysmenorrhoea or leucorrhoca a second operation was necessary.

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in the reaction on the two arms Stewart found a transient

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thick and apparently intiltrated by lymphoid growth. There were

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but it is not until later that a general hyperglycemia becomes estab

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summer quarters it is simply ridiculous and common sense

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form of headache. The disease which perhaps the abortive cases

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ferent writers in so many acceptations that some ambi SS nitdy.

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inactive except in those cases in which death occurred from some intercurrent

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years that it might be doubted whether there was any function

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way together. In one or two cases epileptic attacks have been

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since many years ago as a chemical student I experi

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producing it. Diphtheria antitoxin will not avail against the dip

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The patient was years of age and in her first pregnancv. She had

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there may be a tendency to fainting. The palpitation and breathlessness

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Every Mother s Book and Young Wife s Guide. By Thomas Dutton.

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notices through various journals that Cocaine had been tried

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that concerns itself with matters or facts some of which may eventually

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it is not logical to dissipate it entirely. It is necessary to lower

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to become soiled by the discharges. The rules should

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this system is not only very expensive but also open to many practical

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venesection and restriction of fluids in the dietary deserve mention.

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vepsin hydrocJUoric acid becomes separated at P. into Wasmann s coagulated pepsin and

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my care for years the other died after a few months illness. I

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to improve or supplement and amplify almost all the chapters.

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was a dense connective tissue encircling a tumor containing mucoid

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after their return to Kurope people who have not suffered from

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The boy can now walk easily and well and there is very slight

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tional therapeutics and the fact that they are in the earlier

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left and drawing lumbar spine to right. This motion

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evidence of syphilis or gave history suRKestm i disease

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heart has been explained by the want of free anastomosis of the coronary

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ing a discharge from the urethra with all the accom

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