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of the stream. In severe cases it gradually becomes smaller and
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ported. A few new points however emerge. Bence Jones albumose
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the peroxide of hydrogen on Thenard s method and had
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the pelvis If you s e dysmenorrhcea to a severe degree
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the beginning of going through it. Much must depend upon his
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less than two months he had secured the reports of seventeen cases
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current medical news of the whole county. It would seem that
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the suggestions to be gained from a good model will
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sequela the development of chronic catarrh of the sinuses of
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purposes but that they be for the present allowed to remain
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Dr. Simpson relates a cai e of the transmission of the
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the vulgar declamations against medicine yet he has not carried
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The vaso motor pareses of adult life are touched on and their
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P. B. Roth describes a simple method of treating gunshot wounds
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While cough is usually a useful mechanism in certain instances the
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enlightened jury brought in a verdict ot not guilty.
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stimuli were contrasted in curarised and in non curarised muscle
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Take of powdered jalap an ounce alcohol fluid ounces
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mon also gastraigia and chronic constipation are among the most fre
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Science is a unit. Its multiplied facts are so closely related
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the form of prismatic crj stals of a clear lemon yellow color
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being unusually tense and the base of the fifth metatarsal bone
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Teeth are fair tongue is coated and there are tremors
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cyst trocar Wells Fitch s dome one suture needle several sizes
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In cases of hypothyroidism difSculties of articulation are
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bridge of the nose as occurs ni leprosy upper lip is retracted or
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have at least accepted the dicta of others only after a painstaking
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Ker we obtained the thymus and thyroid glands from a case of
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call that of a pointer of great value which had died suddenly
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that the Chinese of whose progress in medical science we
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well that is she looks and feels well. She has still a
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remain on infected pastures they sometimes die with a rapid
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William T. Harris Brantford vice president Robert A.
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chancres of unusual insignificance or anomalous situations the
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coarse feed require more than those which are regularly stabled and
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cells. A few sections higher the position of a vessel in
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first two bones becomes inflamed and the joint or joints involved.
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month is of great service. Travelling is not usually well borne.
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a small range of forms but observing through several
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good condition but this patient died eighteen hours later

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