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out appearance and had somewhat of a figure shape. It

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etc. disseminated sclerosis syringomyelia and compression para

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on account of distemper and received a sublethal dose of proteose

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From this Keport it is obvious that we had no other opinion

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apparent cause whatever. Cow s milk when given should be

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Symptoms and Treatment. The symptom of dislocation of the

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and go home often walking a considerable distance. There was a

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natives of the department of the Seine tliese dying in this

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For attenuating the sputa and facilitating expectoration he

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straighten it produced much pain the thigh was more oblique

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ever unless assisted by a rigid adherence to the regulations

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this fact oliserves We congratulate the Government on hanng

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line already sketched. It sets out from the thought that though the moral

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been of such a personal nature as to be entirely un

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districts have been supplied with properly educated midwives. Never

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as convalescence was fairly established he fed his patients

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of the tonsils sufficient to interfere with respiration or phona

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the arachnoid and partly from a cavity situated between

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The patient was confined to bed put on milk diet a hot bath

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ethics cannot be put into written form. They are es

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Pellegrini L. Un caso di actinomieosi della faccia.

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is made up of these small indifferent cells and there is

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intervals stained and examined it being thought unnecessary

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attempt is made to keep the body temperature from falling too low by

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blood vessels and nerves and even in the bones. Moreover the same

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of the diaphragm if there is a suspicion of infection. This

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The endemic index of the Tonkin Delta Provinces as a whole is.

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cyst filled with creamy pus. In more chronic cases the abscess may be

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agglutination with Flexner s serum but not with normal horse or

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tal faculties remained vigorous to the last he con

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chloride solution no infolded fibrous tissue bony union

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from his own case and from one of Dr. Pierre Mane of Pans.

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Cancer of the tongue is first noticed by a simple sore tongue that

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that a cosmetically perfect cervix can be secured by tra

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of the Arabian Nights tales The Caribbean then a foreign sea

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olood from them. Though in the most acute form the disease had

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