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canes and by means of these can move about quickly and

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the day before or the day after the fever disappeared. The

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the stomach after death. Its mucous coat of the stomach washed and

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diagnosis of Bright s disease and a very gloomy prognosis was

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finger nails could reach the larval infecting stage in that

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bloodvessels being ligatured. The bone is then sawn off as high up as

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baby appeared to be in pain and became collapsed. At first c.c

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was of opinion that labor tends to arrest a malarial at

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with the knee slightly bent and more or less rounded. In

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and prominence of the cervix did not change. Then gradually

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the care and treatment of the mentally afflicted of the

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freely from two points in the opposite sides of a small oblong ulcer

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of the mediastinum with the pericardium and its contents to the right

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until the loth when he began to get feverish had ex

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mucous membrane of the bronchi which much resemble those

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vesicles. The mucous membrane is red and the tonsils are swollen.

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by the pituitary gland etc. In the elucitlation of the causes of

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