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chart and narrated the history of a case of prolonged encysted empy

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Alfred Stengel M. D. Professor of Clinical Medicine Director of the

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of urgent danger as every case is in which there is an active

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diseases of women and the diagnosis of pregnancy both under ordinary

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and the therapeutics of the disease are entirely unsatis

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purging Mineral Waters Baths and half Baths are convenient

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set up. We recommend bathing with hot salt and water a

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Department of Mental Health Lewis Cass Bldg. Lansing

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tism until the characteristic deformities have been developed. When

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A Study of the Action of Atropin on the Eosinophil Cells of the

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he was not able to draw any reliable diagnostic lines.

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only medical officer with the regiment. We only had one regi

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fourth summer session. Each examination will occupy two

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wander off into the by ways of chemical assumption appears to

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esting to students of internal medicine and if all that Dr. Williams

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lysis of the diaphragm is generally at once apparent. During inspiration

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So that it is very probable that when Gallic acid is taken into

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years previously for a bone tumour in the orbit and Scott suggests

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colors were painted by the side of each other. I then made

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found to pass into every texture. With the matter whatever energy

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is called proud flesh fills up the sore. The doctor applies his

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thetic vibrations are set up in the minute hair like processes

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of the histology of every tissue of the body. Midical and Science Jonrnal.

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may in most cases be prevented by the use of antitetanic

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gated although still moist rales will be found to prevail at

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own affections. Hysteria which occurs only now and then in the

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causing marked alopecia. The skin otherwise was normal.

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To my mind the false theory of protein metabolism advanced

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is more meagre almost than the remains left of its once

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Forms v.. of Diatetiscbe BehandluDg der Krankheiten

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from the urine when the last of them was taken. He stUl

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has been carried out efficiently it is practically useless. Mr. Griffin

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sideration and these will be discussed at the House

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of the inflammatory process to the other ti.sues of the tongue

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others not by a microbe but through that imitative faculty

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